The 10 Best Games For The PlayStation 4 In 2019

As we all know that PlayStation 4 has been a massive success since its release in 2013, and this is because it comes with an incredible selection of games.

Sony’s PlayStation 4 offers an exclusive console, and it is even regarded as the most significant achievements today.

PS4 release a wide range of games, and it can be challenging to find out the best one from all of them.

It is not an easy task to decide what to play mainly if you have chosen a new PS4 in recent months.

Luckily, we have spotted the best PS4 games to start you off with. Whether you are a new PS4 player or have had the console and just looking for something which you have missed, we got you covered.

The following list of games has been prioritized and considered as the best games by many PS4 gamers.

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List of best ps4 games

1. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt:

Witcher 3 is one of the most popular games in which the White Wolf himself finally takes a ride onto the PS4 in this game. It is well-known for its most diverse and demanding RPG worlds ever seen.

The game gives a fascinating look and makes the players preoccupy to play the game.

The Witcher 3 is continuously impressed by many players as it comes with exciting missions and ultimate characters which bring the world of life.

The Geralt’s Swansong is one of a genuinely immense effort while traversing an intimidating world that is filled with unique quests, fantastic characters, and dreadful monsters for the grey-haired hero to profess with.

Once you start playing this game, you will find enough depth to keep you interested for the duration.

2. Resident Evil 2:

Resident Evil 2 has set a new benchmark for the gaming with its stellar remake from the original.

It is just not a strong horror game, but it also delivers a variety of exciting and distorted situations beyond some of the best series most exceptional entries.

The remake is famous for its spectacular gaming because it gives the complete survival horror experience with its confidently squeezing and horrifying tone and rarely diminishing until the story’s conclusion.

Even though Resident Evil 2 has defined its roots firmly, it still reworks on the familiar horrors to make them change into something which feels like a brand new and all it’s own.

Capcom’s remake of Resident Evil 2 has gone down with an uproar of fans and new players alike.

Resident Evil 2 is worth trying as it offers gorgeous new graphics along with brain-scratching puzzles and horrifying zombies.

3. Fortnite Battle Royale:

Most of the players might have heard about Fortnite as it is the most fun game which is available for free on PlayStation 4.

Fortnite Battle Royale mode has taken the world by storm since its release with a meteoric rise.

It offers players with intense shootouts and elevating build battles which makes it an excellent game.

The concept of Fortnite Battle Royale is pretty simple which is to be the last person standing. Developers continuously add updates with new weapons and modes which keeps Fornite feeling a fresh game.

Though if you have won many games you still think it is different with its latest updates.

Fortnite also comes with another mode which is Save the World. If you are looking for something more cooperative, then you will have to play this mode.

4. God of War:

God of War is another spectacular action game with its first-party phenomenon for Sony.

The game comes with epic set pieces, hard-hitting combat, and big-budget production values.

The combat grows more excited and impressive as you progress. Similar to Kratos, God of War also recalls the past while conceding the need to improve.

This game is so far the best game in the series to date. It is one of the most highly predicted PlayStation 4 exclusives which had lived up to the merchandise.

God of War is no longer considered as an old action series. With a remarkable combat system, an implicitly gripping father/son story and some of the most imaginative world design, the game will make you feel astonished while playing.

5. Marvel’s Spider-Man:

Marvel’s Spider-Man is a mind-blowing superhero experience which is probably the best game we have ever seen.

This game is developed by Insomniac Games that achieved in creating a game which feels like a bonafide interpretation of an esteemed creation.

The combat is fast, and the feeling of embodying spidey and using his abilities is dumbfounded.

There have been numerous open-world Spider-Man games earlier, but none of them could offer such a full of personality that explores and do justice.

Insomniac has designed a superior Spider-Man where all the players can experience incredible combat that leaves a lasting impression.

It comes with satisfying ample upgrades and an enormous amount of unlockable suits to experiment as you progress your levels in the game.

6. Kingdom Hearts 3:

Kingdom Hearts 3 will not make every player subscribe for its storyline. This game is named as the latest core in the charter which sees Final Fantasy and Disney coming together in a preposterous and endearing adventure.

The Donald Duck and Goofy are the favorite characters for most of the players.

In this game, Donald Duck and Goofy are your BFF’s while Mickey Mouse is the king, but during this wild ride you are going to make many new friends along the lines of Baymax from Big Hero 6, little rat chef Remy, and all your best pals from the Toy Story.

If you are a fan of fun and action-packed RPG, then Kingdom Hearts could be for you as it doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Even though the story might be a tricky one to wrap your head, it is still considered as a fun game.

7. Horizon Zero Dawn:

Horizon Zero Dawn is regarded as the gorgeous console game that has ever made. It is the first-party jaw-dropping open-world game which Sony has acutely needed.

The game is set in an aesthetically culminating environment which has been inhabited by robot dinosaurs.

Horizon is an enthralling story told with an incredibly satisfying gameplay loop.

The game keeps the players in the shoes of Aloy, where you will be taken to the glorious open world with bow and arrows in hand.

As Aloy, you need to hunt these creatures and snips them for parts. It is a delightful game and also a must-buy game for all the PS4 players.

8. Monster Hunter World:

Monster Hunter Wold is a bold and confident charter game which has been going on for a long time.

This game allows you to play solo or in the team with a group of up to three friends or other players.

With its new release of a console, it has been given a new life and trailed kicking since 2018.

Monster Hunter allows you to enter an outstanding game world which feels precisely dynamic and alive.

Capcom was aiming for something awe-inspiring than Monster Hunter Generations.

It has been succeeded through the years and is likely the biggest and best game in the world of PS4 games.

It is not just the relative depth of the narrative, but it also gloats almost picture perfect integration between combat systems which were earlier indecipherable for amateurs. If you are looking for a way to break into the series, then this is it.

9. BloodBorne:

BloodBorne comes from the creators of the Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls where a spiritual successor that feasibly exceeds the classics which came before it.

Its combat is impenetrable, relentless, and ridiculously satisfying to master. You can even find plenty of weapons to do such a thing with.

This game plays like an RPG set endurably on a concealed difficulty mode along with all the important texts and pop-ups unfastened.

This game requires more patience from a player as it comes with a hidden mode.

The intense combat and open-ended scrutiny make the game more interesting.

If you are a fan of experiences that aren’t afraid of leaving you secluded to resist for yourself, then BloodBorne is right up for your alley.

10. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey:

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is one of the most excellent games on PS4 world. This game set in an unusual and sprawling depiction of Ancient Greece.

You will play the role of either Alexios or Kassandra, where the siblings are cursed to a cruel fate.

Playing the role of Misthios you will be dropped in the middle of the struggle between Athens and Sparta during the Peloponnesian war.

Assassin’s Creed is considered in its rich heed to detail for the era and its amazing approach to handling the different narrative with its sturdy proponents at the lead.

Odyssey makes more massive treads in its popular and vital world, and it gives you a pleasant feeling and leaves you an impression and mark on its ever-changing world.

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PS4 is a home where you can experience great
gaming which you won’t find anywhere else. You can try any of the games
mentioned above to ensure that you enjoy the game while playing.

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