2 Around The World Reviews

Posted by Alex Jordan on

I'm not sure what I was expecting. As a fairly by-the-numbers edutainment game, it didn't occur to me until now that Around The World doesn't warrant inches upon inches of column space to review. I mean, duh: it has the geographical quiz component, and the unlock/screen saver component. That's kind of it. So, the two reviews I've come across thus far are pretty modest. The first one clocks in at once sentence, the other at one paragraph.

XNPlay gave the one sentence round up, a familiar facet on the site: "Geography quizzes can be fun (this one seems decent enough), but don’t “reward” me with a screen saver!"

NaviFairy at GayGamer.net was a lot more cheerful: "Geography quiz games are nothing new, but this one takes a slightly different approach. Rather than pointing at a location and asking you what it is, Around the World will give you four locations (mapped to the four face buttons on the controller) and asks you to find them. You're awarded points depending on how close to the real location you guess, and then a new city is given for you to find. Because you have four location options at any given time, the game is easier since you can just skip the locations that you don't know. I'll admit that my geography skills are pretty terrible (hurray for the American public education system) so I will always advocate this kind of edutainment title."

The XNPlay one kind of irritated me, as the reviewer used his one sentence to bitch about the game's (optional) Screen Saver system. Turns out the guy was sick and tired, and that I got one of the better reviews on the site this week. But, much obliged to NaviFairy at GayGamer, who got what I was going for with the game.