A developer's work is never done...

Posted by Alex Jordan on

... especially when you go out of your way to screw things up.

The latest version of Cute Things Dying Violently on the 360, version 1.1, added aiming tools and a bunch of other features, including patch notes that explain how the aiming tools work. Unfortunately, because of a big booboo that I made, those patch notes don't show up on the Trial version of CTDV. Y'know... the version that people use to decide whether or not they want to buy the game? Yeesh.

Using the aiming tools causes a -1 Critter penalty. In the full version, the game then helpfully explains what the penalty is and why it happened with a lovely tooltip. But those tips don't appear in the Trial version, which is especially problematic, considering that you need a perfect score to advance to the second level of the game, which you won't get if you use the aiming tools! The game will get stuck, and you won't know why. YEESH.

Hurrying to fix this now. As it stands, I'm in the midst of implementing a bunch of PC-specific features, so I gotta make sure I haven't broken the 360 version's code anywhere else before I roll out a new patch.