A grim portent of things to come? Or a 'So what?'

Posted by Alex Jordan on

So, apparently, a professional game developer is sticking their content on Xbox Live Indie Games.

Not sure how I feel about that. I mean, I totally get the purpose: a professional, but not super-duper professional development studio wishes to release a game by avoiding the ESRB ratings and licensing that goes hand-in-hand with publishing on Xbox Live Arcade. Developer gets to keep more of their money away from Microsoft, avoid the painfully long Microsoft certification process (XBLIG games are all peer-reviewed, for free), and reach a new market.

Well, they can try. As I said before, finding success on the XBLIG market is not always a matter of Bigger Is Better. Professionalism will only get so far when trying to satisfy the XBLIG niche market, which looks for small, quirky, and cheap games. That $1 price point is very much the weapon of choice these days. Tank Battles might not be able to just waltz into XBLIG and find a hospitable market.

In which case, I'm not particularly worried. I don't see professional developers crowding out indie developers in the XBLIG market. Something to keep an eye on, sure, but not some sort of imminent demise for the rest of us.

And yes, I spelled "indy" wrong from the get-go and it's in my post tags and everything, God, I'm gonna carry that with me to the grave. Pretend everything has to do with Indiana Jones and we'll all be fine.