A Storm of the Brain

Posted by Alex Jordan on

Guys! I have an idea for an RPG!

It's set in a fantasy world of my own design that's completely different from all other fantasy worlds. You're a dangerous man with a troubled path and a mysterious prophecy hanging over your future. You fight orcs and goblins and trolls and dragons and other mythical beasts.

You can play as a warrior or a thief or a mage, and although those have already been done to death, it's okay! Because I have thought of novel ways of making learning and playing those classes really interesting and intuitive!

The environment is large and sandbox-style, with towns and cities and mountains and dungeons all over the place! There's obviously some sort of volcanic/fire land, and definitely a cold land. Maybe a desert land too. Lots of enchanted forests. And a terrible nameless evil is off in the distance! Maybe to the "north"! Or to the "south"! Or one of the two other cardinal directions that can be referred to when describing ambiguous evil.

There will be a crafting system and an alchemy system and you can own property and farm your own land and whatnot.

It'll be a very mature game, too, wherein "mature" means "tits and drunkenness."

... Yes, the idea behind this is "exorcise all ambitious notions born more from reading Tolkein/playing Zelda in middle school than breaking new ground or exploring new concepts." The sad thing is that there's some non-jokes hidden amongst the jokes. The sadder thing is that while I disabuse myself of this dream, everyone else is busy nurturing it.