Alan Wake

Posted by Alex Jordan on

Despite the fact that I'm a big pussy, I have this weird, inexplicable attraction to scary games that crops up very, very rarely. When it does, I tend to get really excitable about them, like with Dark Corners of the Earth. So along comes the exasperatingly-named Alan Wake, and the game is gorgeous, and it's provocative, and it's a horror game, so I am all over this shit.

I'll get into gameplay in some other post (it's awesome, don't worry), but let me wedge my jaw open for a bit about how effing beautiful this game is. Alan Wake uses an in-house engine that not only allows 2 kilometer/1.3 mile view distances, but also does the following (source):

Complete modeling of atmospheric scattering, fully volumetric shadows that are projected through the entire world, full weather modeling, day/night time cycles, ambient occlusion (both SSAO and pre-calculated), normal mapping, high dynamic rendering, bloom, depth of field and loads of different pixel-shader effects.

Somewhere along the line, Alan Wake became both a great survival horror game and a graphical tour-de-force. It looks simply amazing. The daylight scenes are hands down the most realistic I've ever seen in a game.

I can't wait to play more of this.