Another Around The World review

Posted by Alex Jordan on

The fine folks at Xbox Live Arcade Ratings hooked me up with a very honest, very enlightening review. Read it here.

Overall, the review was very kind to ATW. The reviewer was less-than-pleased with some aspects of the game, but his criticism was very smart and brought to light certain things that I didn't notice as a developer. For instance, being unable to switch off the day to night cycle gave him some headaches in trying to find locations at night. As a developer, I was so gosh-darn proud of the day-night cycle that it never occurred to me to let players turn it off! Also, he found most of the selection sound effects to be somewhat discouraging. Again, I reserved the best sounds for the best accuracy... it never occurred to me that people struggling to find locations and educate themselves would be turned off by the negative bleeps and blats that come with a miss. I love reviews like this, because in the end, they'll make me a better developer.

Also, unlike the guy from XNPlay, this guy really liked my unlocks/Screen Saver system:

However, the completionist in you will be thrilled to know that there are a LOT of pictures to unlock and, because of that, a lot of scores and correct answer streaks to try for. And, of course, you get to go for your high score. That might not seem like much, but giving you something to shoot for gives a glorified geography quiz a bit of addiction.

Thanks again for the review, DigitalQuarters!

Read the full Around The World review here.