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Don't ask me how, but despite the fact that I remembered that Friday was, in fact, January 1, 2010, I forgot that everyone would be going nuts about how this closes out the decade that began with Y2K, of all things. Hence, all the valedictory lists you've been seeing.

I might as well jump on board, right? First, second, and third place only, though. No Top 10 lists. That stuff is for Time Magazine.

Best Game of the Decade
1st Place: Operation Flashpoint
2nd Place: No One Lives Forever
3rd Place: Portal

Best Character of the Decade
1st Place: Garrett, Thief series
2nd Place: GLadOS, Portal
3rd Place: Nico Bellic, Grand Theft Auto IV

Best Mission of the Decade
1st Place: Shalebridge Cradle Thief 3
2nd Place: All Ghillied Up, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
3rd Place: That mission in The Warriors where you have to avoid the cops and rescue your fellow gang members

Best Intense Moment of the Decade
1st Place: The hotel escape in Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth
2nd Place: Walking into the first village in Resident Evil 4
3rd Place: Dodging missiles and a falling smokestack in Half-Life 2 (The end of Episode 2 was too frustrating to qualify.)

Best Surprise of the Decade (no links on purpose)
1st Place: Bioshock's "WYK..."
2nd Place: Private Jackson's last mission in Call of Duty 4
3rd Place: Far Cry 2's last mission

Biggest Disappointments of the Decade
1st Place: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess*
2nd Place: Super Mario Galaxy*
3rd Place: Grand Theft Auto IV**
Honorable Mention: Valve's concept of "episodic content"

*I guess because I'm not 12 and playing my N64 anymore

**I guess because they decided a hilarious, arcadey, unrealistic game would be better off as a serious, gritty, realistic game.

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