Continued blizzard updates, aka Snow Some Mercy

Posted by Alex Jordan on

3:12pm, February 8

Happy Day Off, federal employees! This is the second work cancellation ever for the Obama Administration, and the first I've experienced, as I fled DC before the December 19 storm.

Word of the cancellation reached us yesterday afternoon, but seeing as how the roads and everything else were still a mess on Super Bowl Sunday, none of us thought the government would open on Monday. That allowed us to have a leisurely day of shoveling sidewalks, cooking, and playing Settlers of Catan. And the watch the Super Bowl, too. I guess. (Was it just me, or were a lot of the commercials really misogynistic?)

My girlfriend and I headed out today to re-up on groceries and took stock of the situation. The main roads, like Logan Circle, 13th Street, and 14th Street, have been mostly cleared of everything but snowy lane centers and lots of slush. The smaller streets like P and Q have been left to fend for themselves, and usually consist of 2 to 4 inches of ice, packed snow, and slush. Those who bothered to clear their sidewalks get to appreciate clear brick and pavement today, while those who didn't bother (the bastards) still have lots of packed snow to hike over.

Apparently, there's another storm that will show up tomorrow afternoon and start dropping snow. Preliminary estimates are in the 5 to 10 inches range, with snow falling from Tuesday afternoon through Wednesday afternoon. This makes me really wonder if the federal government will reopen tomorrow. Right now, I'd say there's a 50/50 chance of work... the major DC roads are in decent shape and people seem to be moving around decently. The Obama Administration has been pretty single-minded in keeping the government open during dicey weather, and if they're looking for an excuse to reopen Uncle Sam Co., the main roads out there should provide one. However, the side roads still suck. Sidewalks are still messy. Above-ground Metro service has yet to resume, leaving me looking like a greasy, unshaven hobo. And God knows how the suburbs are faring, seeing as how Maryland got hit even worse than DC.

Combine that with an infrastructure that's already severely taxed by the 20 to 30 inches we just got, which I'm not sure will be up to the challenge of clearing an additional 5 to 10 inches in a quick and orderly fashion. The result is that I foresee work being cancelled on Wednesday, and if the snow starts Tuesday afternoon... is it wise to have everyone struggle in to work tomorrow, only to send them home early again? I'm not sure. But, again, the Obama Administration really doesn't like to cancel work.

We'll see.


No work tomorrow! Woooooooooo! Happy Hour was at The Commissary in Logan Circle and became way, WAY happier.

4:29pm, February 9

It's started snowing here again. 6 to 16 inches is on the way. The novelty is wearing off.

12:15pm, February 10

Complete white-out conditions outside. Our nice shoveled paths have been reburied. Yes, the novelty has worn off.