DC By Night

Posted by Alex Jordan on

Last Saturday, my friends and I celebrated the end of summer (or eulogized it, I guess) by patronizing the Great Waves at Cameron Run, a tiny water park that nonetheless sported some decent slides, mini golf, and a wave pool. There's not much there but it's still good fun.

We stayed late and then drove back into the city for the evening. On our way up the George Washington Parkway, we got a fairly good view of the autumnal Harvest Moon hovering over the Potomac. It looked even more spectacular once we were on the Mall, as the moon was rising above the Capitol Building.

The shots I snapped on my cell phone camera didn't do the event justice, but fortunately, DCist and some talented photographers were on hand to capture the event.

Awesome, huh?

Check it out.

(The image above was stolen from Life Through A Lens since DCist is being fussy about image linking.)