Development Diaries, Volume 10

Posted by Alex Jordan on

Against all odds, I've done some work.

Despite my crippling Modern Warfare 2 addiction, for which there is no cure, I've ported my shaders, models, and assorted art into a fresh code base and have begun working on the actual game of Around The World.

As you can see, I have a rudimentary menu system working. It's got a red halo at the moment, currently set to fit the frame of the "Title Safe Area" that XNA figures out from whichever system it's running on. (All old tube TVs and even most HDTVs chop off a wee bit of their picture around the edges.) I don't think I'm going to keep using it, though... It'll be much more efficient to just anticipate that a certain amount of the borders will be lost to the edges of a TV screen and place my graphics further from the edges as needed.

There's also the noticeable and automatic day-to-night-to-day transition. So I've got that going for me.

And you can also see that I've replaced the refraction background with a horrible little transition from sand to water. It really, really does not work. I figured it might, but, hey, I was wrong. The contrast issue still remains, so I guess I'll just use a heavily-contrasted falloff from light blue to dark blue that will stand out on TVs.

Next up, I should begin incorporating HUD art (Heads Up Display), re-adding the Selector, and setting up a system wherein I can add the positions of real-life locations as I'm editing the game. Should be neat!