Development Diaries, Volume 14

Posted by Alex Jordan on

Dear Diary,


Turn your sound on for this one, I finally added music!

For a change, this Development Diary doesn't require much in the way of discourse. This video represents a lot of features and ideas that I've described previously. So, let's jump to a list of what the video is showing:

Next items on my list of Things To Do:

In more personal news, I feel a bit better about continuing to press ahead with Around The World, even though Globe Clicker is still out there. That developer, talented (and fast) though he is, has a geography game monopoly on Xbox Live Indy Games right now, which I have every right to compete against. I think my game will wind up with better graphics, better presentation, and a more fast-paced gameplay feel. I think both games can coexist in the market together. Heck, mine might even stand out. We'll see!