Development Interlude, Aspiring Artist Edition

Posted by Alex Jordan on


I would super-duper like Project Squish to be a pretty game. Every time I load up the alpha and play around, I find myself sighing at my placeholder artwork. Soon, the day will come where I can throw out all this old work and replace it with something thoughtful and good-looking. You know... something that will clash violently with critters exploding into clouds of blood and viscera!

I'm a pretty decent sketch artist, albeit one that has only worked on refining his own style and has not ventured into the "learn new things" territory. Very similar face and profile doodles adorn the corners of my work notebooks. Fortunately, this style - with all of its wide eyes and goofy expressions - can be easily adapted for drawing the game's critters, as my recent video and art show. But they're the punchline of the joke. The setup needs to be in the careful beauty of the game's levels, which means I need to get off my ass and learn how to draw and paint digitally.


I'm experimenting with a variety of styles right now. At first, I thought I'd sketch out my level objects and landscapes (especially the landscapes) by hand, scan the line art, and then paint them digitally in Photoshop. Unfortunately, I find myself sans scanner at the moment, and I won't buy one unless I can commit to that exact work process. Since I'm not prepared to commit right now, I'm experimenting with other things. Specifically, I'm going batshit crazy in Photoshop with just a mouse, exploring the limits of what I can do without a sketching hand or a tablet pad.

Although I have a high opinion of my own drawing style, I know I really, really need to improve on my habits, especially painting and coloration. As such, I'm currently drawing and redrawing the same stupid trees so that I can take the time-honored brute force approach to getting better: "If at first you don't succeed..."

I'm starting from extreme mediocrity and hoping to work my way upward. Here are the first and second trees I'm drawn and painted:

Old tree

Good news, everyone! I've learned how to Burn/Sponge/Dodge in Photoshop. I've also picked up another key lesson: I can't Filter my way to success, especially if my heretofore approach to Photoshop Filters has been "keep clicking buttons and see what looks good."

My work continues, and I'll keep on churning out silly trees. We'll see how it goes. In the meanwhile, does anyone have any good tips, tricks, or tutorials? Or other things that begin with T?