Development Interlude, Global Warming Edition

Posted by Alex Jordan on

There's something wrong with the image I posted below. Do you know what it is?

I'll give you a hint: I removed Antarctica.

Wait, that's not a hint! That's the answer! Aww.

Whilst I slept, vengeful hippies snuck onto my laptop and and inflicted Global Warming upon Antarctica, melting it away. How Global Warming melted away a solid land-based continent, I have no idea, as the hippies were already long gone.

Or maybe the hippies realized that, when it came time to implement the HUD, that Antarctica posed a problem as it wasn't "free-standing" like the other continents: the edges of the projections I acquired to generate the world model actually cut off the left, right, and bottom sides of Antarctica. That means that I had no room to maneuver when it came time to resize the game window to fit the HUD... I couldn't make it taller or wider without showing that there wasn't any more of Antarctica, that it just abruptly ended where the projections ended. Oops.

So now that Antarctica has been removed from the image and the model, I can resize the game window as I see fit to include the HUD. Thanks a bunch, hippies.