Development Interlude, Impatient Edition

Posted by Alex Jordan on

First, the good news: sweet box art, courtesy of my brother!

Now, the bad news: some eagle-eyed XNA Creators who were Peer Reviewing Around The World found some rather debilitating bugs. Apparently, having a Selection Animation still running when a round runs out of time causes in-game menus to flat out refuse to show up. The game also stops taking in-game input at that point. No input and no menus means that the game effectively freezes. Oops.

After three frustrating hours, I tracked down the source of the error and eliminated it. However, I had to delete the previous version of the game I uploaded for Peer Review in order to replace it with this newer one. Only, I can't resubmit for another week. That's Microsoft's rule. I'll get to resubmit Around The World on June 1. The wait will be agonizing, and I'm a little peeved, but I'm going to use the time productively and put the game back up for normal play testing (which doesn't have any time limitations) in order to catch any other late-emerging bugs, seeing as how I'd really, really like to avoid any other week-long delays.