Development Interlude, Self-Amusement Edition

Posted by Alex Jordan on

Still working on Project Squish, which better be the Goddamned Citizen Kane of Xbox Live Indie Games for the amount of time and energy it's taking me. (Not sure what the hell I was initially thinking, but Squish is now 6 months overdue beyond my 3-month development timeframe. Heh.)

Still polishing a lot of things off, and I met some very nice people on the way to PAX East that recommended an artist to me that could help produce some contract art and alleviate my workload, so we'll see how that goes. In the meanwhile, to amuse myself (and you, I guess), here are some comments I left for myself in my code that I've rediscovered:

I guess that's it. Color me disappointed, I remember telling myself tons of jokes in the Around The World code and thought that I'd done the same this time around. I hope I saved all of my humor for the game itself, since that's what everyone else will see.