Development Interlude

Posted by Alex Jordan on

The effect tweaking and the art tweaking continues! And it's driving me crazy.

I made the oceanic background a richer blue, but, again, the contrast wasn't high enough for me to see if the effect was doing what I wanted it to. So, I drew a big white smiley face on the thing. Now I can see what's going on, and I'm not too pleased. A higher refractive index makes the waves and the scattering effect stronger, but it moves everything up and to the left. Lowering the index moves things down and to the right.

In the next 24 hours, I hope to answer: Just what the fuck have I done wrong now?

Edit: My goal is to have the water effect refract the background in all different directions. Right now, increasing the refractive index does magnify the scattering, but it also shoves it all off to the upper left. That means that the effect isn't refracting what's directly underneath it unless you lower the index to practically zero.

My ultimate objective is to have the background show lighter ocean near the coasts and darker ocean away from land (like the Monkey Island video), and have that be the background that the water effect refracts. However, it will look like shit if the effect offsets that background to the upper left. That will screw up the alignment of the world model with the background. Nobody wants to see the underwater shape of Africa sitting well to the northeast of actual Africa.

I gotta fix this.