Ends 'n Odds

Posted by Alex Jordan on

Work on Around The World is proceeding apace, as I'm coming to terms with the Title Safe Area and also trying to solve a shader discrepency between the game build that runs on my laptop and the one that runs on the Xbox 360. Boring stuff.

I might be slowed down, though, as my art development platform, my beloved desktop PC, is currently on its death bed. Blue Screens of Death in Windows XP are far more handicapping (and frightening) than their erstwhile Windows 98 counterparts, and it looks like I'm in for a painful transition. However, I may just get a new hard drive and Ghost my old hard drive over to see if that will work as a stopgap. However, Christmas was 12 days ago, and I really, really don't feel like spending more money.

I nabbed Indigo Prophecy for, like, 3 bucks on Steam the other night. We can now add that to the list of games I have no time to play, but I've always wanted to see how they handle the "interactive movie" approach to video gaming. And that bizarre plot I keep hearing about.

I'm not in danger of buying a PS3 any time soon (see above for issues of time and money), but my interest is growing. The latest blow to my resolve to not spend more on gaming systems: Tycho from Penny Arcade has an interesting writeup on the PS3-exclusive MAG today. MAG's a 256-player, massively-multiplayer online modern military shooter that epitomizes tactical gameplay and cooperation. Yes please!

I haven't had a good dose of tactical gameplay since Operation Flashpoint (hello, my Game of the Decade), a wildly open military shooter that introduced me to discreet tactics and requisite headset coordination with good friends. (Not to mention, being brutally killed in the middle of nowhere for no discernable reason.) I also dabbled in Battlefield 2, which was usually less tactical but more epic in scope than Flashpoint, and also broke new ground on cooperation systems in the form of squad mechanics (something that we were aiming to do in World at War) and a dedicated Commander role. And, according to Tycho, it seems that these two separate bags of goodies have been combined in MAG. If that's true, then I may have to part with more of my money this year than I previously imagined.