Evil Vampire Laptop

Posted by Alex Jordan on

I bought my laptop in June, but have only recently noticed something very disturbing about it: it wakes up at 3am on the dot and starts making noises.

How did I miss that?

Some very sleepy and very infuriated investigation in the dead of night determined that Windows Auto-Update was scheduled by the Control Panel for daily updates at 3am. That's fine, I guess, my laptop is usually in Sleep mode at 3am. Well, I'm not sure what changed in the past few days, but now my laptop will actually wake itself up from Sleep mode at 3 in the fucking morning, give that annoyingly-saccharine "Welcome!" chime, and promptly busy itself with updating.

Who at Microsoft thought this was a good idea?!

My Auto-Update is now rescheduled for 12pm, while I'm at work, until I can figure out why my Vampire laptop rises from its slumber to drink my blood and update my apps.