Finished MUA2. And, oh hey! SSX 3!

Posted by Alex Jordan on

I just finished Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2, and here's my review. My first playthrough was Anti-Registration, so in the near future I'll have to start a Legendary difficulty playthrough as Pro-Registration. I look forward to kicking Captain America's sanctimonious ass.

But before I do that, I need to play some SSX 3, since I just learned that it was backwards compatible on the Xbox 360. This is a critically important piece of information that I didn't notice previously, because, prior to purchasing the game, my 360 had turned itself into a $350 paperweight. I just played it on my old Xbox and didn't bother to check if it was backwards compatible.

Imagine my delight! Looks good when upscaled, too.

Oh, and I finally finished the Secret of Monkey Island remake too. Christ, I'm really slow, huh?