From the 'Support Indie Developers' Annals

Posted by Alex Jordan on

Machinarium was released last year, and somehow I completely forgot about it. Or missed it entirely. Anyway, Amanita Design created and self-published this gorgeous point-and-click puzzle game, and apparently, it got pirated to hell and gone. Even at $20, the developer estimated that only 5 to 15 percent of the game's players actually paid for it. Dudes, not cool.

As described by Joystiq, Amanita is having a "Pirate Amnesty" sale, marking down the game to $5 so that you will hopefully give them the goddamn money that they deserve. I bet it'll work to some degree - they've managed to find tons of free press on this one - but I always get a little unnerved about combating piracy with positive reinforcement. "You pirated the hell out of our game, so here it is a little cheaper. We won't get anywhere near as much money from you, but we will get something, so that we may feed and clothe our kids. Thanks."

Negative reinforcement, of course, would involve that scene from Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back where they go to everyone on the internet's house and beat them up.

I don't think that would work.