God Bless Steam

Posted by Alex Jordan on

I'm carefully watching the sales for Around The World, but not a lot is going on. I had very modest expectations for the game, and I'd done plenty of research on how indie games fare in the Xbox Live Indie Games market, but I must admit I wasn't prepared for my game to limp from the get-go. Le sigh. I'll encapsulate my thoughts on AtW's post-release period after I complete my Post Mortem article on the game's development.


Steam has an amazing sale that's going on until July 4. Tons of high-profile developers have slashed prices on both individual games and publisher bundle packs. The level of savings is utterly fantastic. I'm going to go through the offerings with a fine-toothed comb and pick out the best ones. (And, yes, I remember full well that I have yet to start Indigo Prophecy, which I bought last year for $5 off of Steam.)