Heavy Rain and Branching, Dynamic Storylines

Posted by Alex Jordan on

Heavy Rain Cover Art

Apparently critics are quite taken with Heavy Rain. The whole interactive novel/branching storyline thing has intrigued me for quite a while, which is why I bought Indigo Prophecy when I could snag it on the cheap (Heavy Rain and Indigo Prophecy share the same development studio).

Games these days usually resort to either being linear, tightly-scripted affairs, or open sandbox games that explore dynamism in the form of how you accomplish missions as opposed to what those missions' results are. That's because getting a story into a game is difficult enough. Getting multiple stories into a game (and I'm not just talking about alternate endings) is a tremendous feat that requires exponential more game asset development. More recorded dialogue, more artwork for different scenes, more programming for each possible outcome. So any game that does this well, I really want to play.