Here in Washington, Vol. 1

Posted by Alex Jordan on

Back in mid-January, I wandered through the U.S. Department of Labor's Frances Perkins Building taking before-and-after photos. I wanted to show how things would change from the Bush to the Obama administration.

Actually, I only wanted two photos. The first was of the Bush-era "FOX News Kiosk" that was downstairs in the lobby. Well, I was too late on that one. The damn thing was taken down even before the inauguration, before I had thought to snap a photo. It's since been replaced by the Obama-era "CNN News Kiosk."

The other photo I wanted was of the mandatory portraits of our glorious leaders in the lobby. I took a picture of the triumverate of Bush, Cheney, and former Labor Secretary Elaine Chao and uploaded them onto Facebook. (Photo after the jump.)

I came back on Tuesday after the Obama inauguration, aaaaaaaand... no portraits. Hmm, okay. These things take time. 'Course, it wasn't until March that a portrait of Obama was put up next to Labor Secretary Hilda Solis. By then I'd long since stopped carrying my camera to work. But, HEY! Where's my picture of Joe Biden?!

Turns out that Biden was on the Hill earlier this week to finally get his photo taken. And, wham! Just like that, the Obama triumverate now graces my building. I'll have to bring my camera in on Monday and finally finish the "before and after" series.

"After" pic coming shortly!