Posted by Alex Jordan on

My brother added some website stats for me to keep an eye on as I keep adding content and build towards the day when this website can go properly live. Very, very fun to look at. So, for everyone out there reading this who doesn't share my last name: thank you for your patience!

Speaking of content, the engine I'm building for The Newton Gun is relatively far along and methinks I should upload a YouTube video or two to show off just what the hell I've been working on. Aside from that, there's no reason why I can't build a content base for this website gleaned from the art I've done on previous projects such as Firearms and World at War, defunct though those projects may be. (Firearms: Source, on the other hand, is nowhere near defunct, but I haven't submitted any content for use in their first Release Candidate.)

So please keep an eye on the Blog page. When content starts to go live in the Games section, and as I track down and upload previously written articles for the, um, Articles section, I'll be sure to let main page viewers know. Huzzah!