Posted by Alex Jordan on

My esteemed colleagues RainbowDespair and Slash, who made Breath of Death VII (look two posts down) have updated a bunch of us on their sales figures. The game premiered on Xbox Live Indie Games on April 21, and with Microsoft's April 22 through May 1 sales data on hand, the duo has proclaimed that they made a little north of 5,000 sales, with a surprisingly high demo-to-purchase rate of 55%.

5,000 sales is $3,500 after Microsoft's 30% cut, which isn't bad for a week. And as a very high-quality game (I can testify to that) with significant word-of-mouth momentum, and forthcoming appearances on the Top Rates and Top Downloaded sections of Microsoft.com and the Xbox Live Dashboard, their well-earned prominence might earn them a continued period of robust sales as opposed to the quick, brutal drop-off that most Indie Game developers experience.

It'll be interesting to see what happens. As I've always stated with regard to Around The World, I'm not expecting to make much money on it, let alone a living. But further insight into what sells on XBLIG and what doesn't will be a boon to future games that myself and others will be churning out.