I found free time at the end of the rainbow

Posted by Alex Jordan on

And used it for great effect.

Most importantly, I should have a new Development Diary coming tomorrow, as I spent huge swaths of Sunday going like gangbusters through my Around The World code, getting tons accomplished and transitioning somewhat painlessly from "write huge blocks of code/understand what it does" to "understand how to optimize things for the Xbox 360." The graphics are almost done, and once I've settled on the graphics framework, it's on to the actual gameplay.

Ah, yes, the free time. Played the Left 4 Dead 2 demo with my brother. I like the new characters a lot, not to mention the new weapon selection, but I have yet to see something that will make me buy the game. I guess the new miniboss zombies are okay, and the new levels look interesting and occasionally play in a novel fashion. But I don't see L4D2 as an investment. What if Valve decides to release yet another L4D sequel next year, orphaning yet another new purchase? Eh, I'll wait on this one.

Also, finally finished off the Brütal Legend demo. I loved the humor and the atmosphere, and I love Jack Black, but the combat was clunky and inferior to the usual beat-em-ups I frequent. Although, I hear tell that the game transitions into a Real Time Strategy game later on, which piques my interest. Probably should rent it.

Played Torchlight too. For a bit. I'll revisit it, but there's a reason I didn't get very far with it: I played this game when it was called Diablo, and I looked at these graphics when it was called World of Warcraft. Not to impugn the pedigree of the Runic Games folks, as they're the former Blizzard guys who actually made those two games. And, admittedly, 75% of the rationale for my three-month stint with World of Warcraft was the phenomenal art direction.

I'm just sayin', I got bored with point-and-click "action" RPGs sometime in 1996.