I guess you CAN stop the Juggernaut...

Posted by Alex Jordan on

My last post mentioned that I should've preordered MUA2 at Gamestop to get a free unlockable Juggernaut. Apparently, the Internets(tm) - all of them - reverse engineered the code and submitted lots of faulty download requests. I'm not sure if it was server spam or Gamestop realizing that they were being "ripped off" or something, but they quickly put a stop to fulfilling the remaining preorders.

From Gamestop:

"Thank you for contacting GameStop.com. If you are writing concerning the Marvel Ultimate Alliance Juggernaut code please be advised that we have exhausted our supply of these free codes. *The Juggernaut codes were advertised as while supplies last.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.
Best Regards,
Customer Service Supervisor"