Interactivity in Games

Posted by Alex Jordan on

It's like the Kama Sutra, except that reading this greatly DIMINISHES your chances of getting laid.

Gamasutra has a great interview with Patrick Redding, the Ubisoft Montreal narrative designer. If you're like me and you loved the narrative twists and turns of Far Cry 2, you have Mr. Redding to thank. He's also working on Splinter Cell: Conviction right now, and his familiarity with the Splinter Cell material shouldn't come as a surprise for anyone that recognizes the name "Redding" from a character in the series.

The interview is long and very detailed. It's basically Redding's stream-of-conscious discourse on interactivity in video games, on subjects ranging from cooperative play to forcing the player to do unsavory actions (a la Modern Warfare 2). It also has a bit of fun rumination on how players explore the limits of the systems that game designers present them, i.e. players wanting to kill the Non-Player Characters that are essential to advancing a game's plot. The guy is smart as hell and I'm going to make it my business to get my hands on as many of his games as possible.

Also, this reminds me: I should probably go back and replay Far Cry 2 now that I have a better video card.