Interview with IndieGamerChick

Posted by Alex Jordan on

Wednesday night, I was interviewed by Kairi Vice over at IndieGamerChick. (That's not her real name. She admitted as such after I accused her of being a rogue LAPD cop that lost their partner and now lives on a houseboat.)

It was a really good interview that primarily focused on developing Cute Things Dying Violently and competing in the Indie Games Summer Uprising. There was ample opportunity to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the game, as well as a frank discussion about other Xbox Live Indie Games developers and their titles. All in all, a very solid, enjoyable interview, thanks largely to the skill of Kairi, who's only been blogging since early July. I hope she becomes an even bigger friend and ally to the XBLIG crowd.

Read the interview here, or else. It also includes some new screenshots and a new YouTube trailer that shows updated graphics, including new Critter animations.