Live Blogging the Blizzard-Like Conditions

Posted by Alex Jordan on

UPDATE:Running Picasa web album of all the snow in Logan Circle

5:00pm, February 5

Returned from Whole Foods with lots of supplies. Okay, well, not lots of supplies. Mostly beer and chips. I think some chicken and pasta sauce made it into my bag too. I'm not sure, things were rather hectic. Fortunately, the beer and chips are accounted for.

Hunkered down in Fortress Logan Circle with my laptop, camera, and a copy of Inglourious Basterds. I anticipate fun blizzard-like conditions. (Why don't they ever come out and call it an actual blizzard?)


Inglourious Basterds is pretty awesome. The beer helps make it even better. In other news, current beer supply running low. May have to switch from Dogfish Head Raison D'etre to Hoegaarden. There are difficult times. The snow continues to fall.


Inglorious Basterds is over. God, what a weird movie. Need more beer.


Heard rumors of a snowball fight in Logan Circle at 9pm. Heading out into the tundra to investigate. Found additional Raison D'etre in the fridge, have received a new raison d'etre. The snow continues to fall.


There was a grand snowball fight in Logan Circle! About 200 people stopped by, many of them en route to the Black Cat, to participate in the mayhem. Highlights include gaining and losing ground at the center of the circle, our Snowtomic Bomb, our Snow Redoubt, and many screaming charges to and fro. Eventually the snow got so compact from everyone walking on it that getting hit by a snowball felt like taking a brick upside the head.

Back at the house, pizza-making has commenced, and beer-consuming has recommenced.

12:48am, February 6

Just got done eating pizza, drinking beer, and watching Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. Good movie, but weird. Also, special effects circa 3D Studio Max 2.5/1998. The snow continues to fall, and jeez, there is a lot of it!


Started uploading pictures. View them here (link also now at the top of the page).


Just got back from the great snowball fight of Dupont Circle. A couple thousand people were there, hurling chunks of snow that were the consistency of concrete. I charged the center of the circle several times, to prove my bravery! After getting hit in the head several times by what I suspected was snow-covered lead, we opted to retire back to the house.


The... the snow stopped. What the hell? I was expecting at least another 5 hours of snow. I wonder what the final tally is. I'm guessing somewhere around 20 to 24 inches.


Still hunkered down in Logan Circle. The snow's been over for several hours, but it's left its mark: at least 20 inches on the ground, with drifts ranging from 24 to 30 inches in places. The snowball-tastic wet snow from last night wound up being covered by much lighter, fluffier snow overnight, so it'll drift whenever the wind picks up. At the bottom of the pile, though, there's a rock-hard layer of packed wet snow and ice. Cars were making progress on some of the roads, but only because the tire tread areas consisted of this solidified crap. Plows have been almost non-existent, but I've seen them leave their marks. The problem is, the hard layer of snow and ice is so stubborn that the plows can't straight down to street level... they can only scrape away at the top levels.

Will all this in mind, Mayor Fenty hopes to have the city open by rush hour on Monday. Personally, I think he has no chance of pulling that off. I'm expecting to get Monday off from work, with a possible return on Tuesday. The Federal Government will only reopen once all the suburban roads have been cleared in addition to the highways (so the bureaucrats can leave their homes), but here's the kicker: more snow is possible on Tuesday night. If the suburban roads and subdivisions aren't clear by Tuesday, the plows committed to clearing them will have to be reassigned to clearing the highways of fresh snow. I'm hoping there's a chain reaction that will keep me out of work for the better part of the week. We'll see!

12:00pm, February 7

Well, DC Metro will not have above-ground Metro service today, so I'll still be out in Logan Circle. Beer supply going strong (although the Raison D'etre did not last the night), aided by a last-minute addition of bourbon. Food supply adequate. Clothing supply limited, smells suspiciously of rock salt and B.O.

I'll probably be trudging through the snow for several blocks to get to the underground Metro service and ride out to Rosslyn for my friend's Super Bowl party. Not super duper thrilled about that exodus, not to mention the eventual un-exodus. I doubt many other people are, either... I'll eat my hat if we have work tomorrow.