Making the Move

Posted by Alex Jordan on

I'm part way through my move from Alexandria to Arlington and still have two days left to go on being off the grid. Cable and internet don't get installed at my new place until Wednesday morning, so my only access to the digital world can occur at work. Yay.

My new place is awesome, and I'll give a quick rundown once the Verizon guy installs me FiOS. But in the meantime, here's a recap of things that have gone horribly, horribly wrong during the move over the past two days.

Here, in short, is my original plan:

Pretty much none of that happened.

Since we didn't have access to the cargo elevator at the new place without a move in slot, my girlfriend and I opted to transport stuff using my roomy hatchback and just carry it in piecemeal through the new place's front door. That actually went surprisingly well. The late-night rescheduled move also went pretty well, what with access to the cargo elevator and a large push cart. Okay? Day One done. Day Two:

To top things off, I'm not even done moving. I still have to clear out the remaining crap from my bedroom, grab all my kitchen gear, and finish cleaning my room and closet before turning in the keys. That will get done tonight, as the keys are due tomorrow.

Major kudos go to my girlfriend, my roommate, and my old roommate who all pitched in to organize stuff and clean in the old apartment while I was trying to load all my belongings into my car. Although circumstance, callous people, and God Almighty proceeded to make a mockery of my carefully-planned schedule, I committed enough of my own mistakes to be embarrassed that my friends had to bail me out. Fortunately, they are very, very good friends. I certainly owe them.