Metroid Prime: Trilogy

Posted by Alex Jordan on

Metroid Prime: Trilogy recently came out, like games are wont to do. And it got me thinking.

I had never really played Metroid on any other console, my Nintendo delights adequately served by the Mario and Zelda franchises. When I finally played the original Metroid Prime on the GameCube, I was initially impressed but wound up getting bored after a week or so. Yeah, it was really neat when you saw Samus's face reflected in her visor, or when water beaded up on the outside of the visor, or when the visor fogged up from steam (noticing the pattern?), but in the end I just didn't have the requisite memory (or interest) to sustain the whole advance-puzzle-new gear-backtrack thing. By the time I hit the Phazon Mines, where the game abruptly decided to be more like a shooter on the one console that couldn't really support a dual analog shooter (thanks, crappy yellow thumbstick), I was pretty much done.

So why am I thinking longingly about Metroid Prime: Trilogy? I never even bothered with 2 or 3.

Not a whole lot of Wii games make me yearn to own the system. Otherwise, maybe I wouldn't have sold the thing to my brother's girlfriend and bought an Xbox 360 with the proceeds. I guess The Conduit briefly caught my interest, purely due to the fact that it's set in Washington, D.C., but hell, I haven't even gotten around to playing Fallout 3 yet, so that's not a good excuse.

I guess I'm thinking about Metroid Prime: Trilogy because because, now that I'm bored with Mario and no new Zelda game will topple Ocarina of Time from the pedestal upon which I've placed it, it'd be nice to like Nintendo for something else that it's really, really good at. Like, one of its major franchises with a much more competent shooting mechanic.

But hey, my memory still sucks, so I guess I can continue ignoring the Wii for the present.

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