More on Modern Warfare 2

Posted by Alex Jordan on

I hope to have a new Develoment Diary soon, as I've been secretly working on Around The World while simultaneously playing video games. The graphics system is almost feature complete for AtW, but I think I can milk at least one more video out of it before I move onto implementing the gameplay: I still want to make the water sparkle in sunlight.

And I better move quickly, since Assassin's Creed 2 dropped today, and I have my preorder slip right. here.

I think I can split my time effectively, though, as I killed off Modern Warfare 2's singleplayer campaign on Sunday afternoon. Similar to my last post, I have many mixed feelings on the matter that I'll eventually convey in a review article. But I'd be amiss if I started writing that piece before finishing off the other things MW2 has to offer, so I dove into multiplayer and Special Ops last night.

The multiplayer is as awesome and hectic as it ever was. Since this was my first bout with it, I was starting at Level 1, which means everyone was running circles around me with superior loadouts and weaponry. I was a good sport about it, but I'm clearly in the stage where I must keep getting spanked until I scrounge enough Experience Points to move up in the world.

I also got to play Special Ops last night with a good friend that came to town unexpectedly. Special Ops is that rarest of beasts: an honest-to-God cooperative play mode. My friend and I had a blast playing the missions in tandem, dividing up duties ("Do you want to fly the Predator drone, or should I?") and generally laying waste to our opponents. Way, way more fun than Halo's co-op.

So there's a plan emerging: AC2 for singleplayer in the early evening, MW2 for multiplayer in the late evening. Where eating and working out and being nice to other people fit into that, I have no idea.