More on Xbox Live's latent suckiness

Posted by Alex Jordan on

DrMistry, the creator of Space Pirates From Tomorrow, has an excellent post up on his blog which touches briefly on the previously-discussed Mommy's Best Games/Top Downloads issue. More importantly, it really hammers home just how reliant Xbox Live Indie Game developers are on Microsoft's XBLIG/Xbox Live infrastructure, and just how crippled the release of a game can become when portions of the system go down.

(DrMistry even points out that the New Releases section can go down, which I didn't know! Around The World got 85% of its sales from the New Release tab. If it had gone down during ATW's release... I shudder at the thought.)

A really interesting point that DrMistry makes is that good PR and coverage on the indie gaming blogs doesn't net as many sales as sheer visibility on the Xbox Marketplace dashboard. I didn't know that. That means that XBLIG bugs and outages have an even more horrifying impact on game sales than I previously guessed at.

Prior to releasing Project Squish, I plan on spending a good month or so with a gameplay-and-art-complete game, just so I can unload tons of finished content on the indie gaming blogs and simply advertise my heart out. However, it turns out that if the Xbox Marketplace chooses that time and date to screw up, no matter how energetic my PR campaign is, I'm in for a world of hurt when it comes to sales.