New Achievements coming to Cute Things Dying Violently

Posted by Alex Jordan on

I've been working steadily on Cute Things for the past few days, and decided that I didn't want to just throw a bland bug-fixing patch at the 360 version. Since I'm also busy working on the PC port of the game, I figured that Xbox owners should get in on the fun. And oh what fun it is! Yessir, we're talking about 18 new Achievements, leading to 24 total if you include the Special level Achievements.

Also, they'll still be called "Achieve Mints" on the 360, thanks to Microsoft's lovely mouth-breathing tendencies.

Here they all are:

I Want My Money Back Beat the game
  • Willing To Listen Hold and drag a Critter in-game
  • Failed at Life, Doing Okay at Death Reach 30 lifetime level restarts
  • Politically Incorrect Dunk your first Critter in oil, and have fun doing it
  • Ingenuity Find two different ways to set off the Oil Drum in Despair Mail
  • Medium Well Save a Critter that has been charbroiled red
  • Sequence Breaker Beat Dead Drop without using the Bubble Maker
  • Viva Variety Kill Critters by all available methods: falling, spikes, buzzsaws, explosions, fire, and electricity.
  • You jerk Get 100 lifetime Critter kills
  • You jackass Get 250 lifetime Critter kills
  • You monster Get 500 lifetime Critter kills
  • Insta-skill Have every Critter in a level die within a 1 second span
  • Training Wheels Off Get a perfect score on every level in Stage 1
  • A Bloody Good Time Get blood on every solid object in a level
  • Everyone Hates Me For This One Save all Critters in Gone With The Wind in 30 seconds
  • Lickety Split Get a perfect score on Split Second
  • Conflagration Sensation Get 40 fires going simultaneously in Oil Drumbeat
  • The Beginning of the End Beat the Zapper Hate Bot
  • Bada Bing Bada Boom Beat the Timebomb Hate Bot
  • A Cut Above Beat the Buzzsaw Hate Bot
  • Self-Inflicted Wounds Beat the Drill Hate Bot
  • We Don't Need No Water Beat the Flamethrower Hate Bot
  • Obsessive Compassion Disorder Get a perfect score on every level in the game
  • Low Flyer Beat Hang Time without having the Critter leave the screen.

*These original Achievements/Achieve Mints are in current versions of the game.