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Cute Things Dying Violently Demo now available

Posted by Alex Jordan on

Say, do you like FUN? And FREE THINGS? Well, I've just released a demo of Cute Things Dying Violently which features 10 levels of gameplay, 4 unlockable achievements, and lots and lots of hectoring to buy the full thing.

Download from Dropbox, or

Download from Desura, or

Download from Apathyworks



Cute Things Dying Violently Original Soundtrack

Posted by Alex Jordan on

Do you like the Cute Things Dying Violently soundtrack? Shut up, of course you do. It was written for me from scratch by the handsome, talented, and somewhat disease-free Zack Parrish. Mr. Parish is a pretty cool dude, and you might be surprised to know that he banged out the entire soundtrack in a week. A. week.

He also put the whole thing up on his Soundcloud account for you to listen to whenever the mood strikes you. Which should be always.

Or, you could click this thingy, which is also fine:

Cute Things Dying Violently OST - Licensed to Alex Jordan 2011 by Zack Parrish

Cute Things Dying Violently Post-Mortem

Posted by Alex Jordan on

It's that time of the year again. Having worked on Cute Things Dying Violently for longer than Michelangelo worked on the Sistine Chapel*, I have written a post-mortem to document every up, down, left, right, in, and out of that process. Maybe some back and forth, too. I dunno, whatever. You can read the whole thing here.

I should warn you, though, that it's long as hell. 14 or 15 pages long, in fact. Why? Because I'm a good writer, and I like writing, and because I am like Samson at the gate when it comes to fighting the ADHD-riddled masses out there, wielding my wit and shining knowledge like the jawbone of an ass. Is that even still Samson? I can't remember, but everyone can enjoy a good chuckle about the fact that I referred to my wit as coming from the mouth of an ass. Get it? GET IT?

For anyone who wants to skip to the summary, I've posted it below the fold:

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Everyone loves Cute Things!

Posted by Alex Jordan on

Reviews are slowly but steadily coming in for Cute Things Dying Violently (and hey, check out that neat release link to the right). The responses are incredibly positive, ranging from liking it to outright loving it. Here are some snippets:

Vintage Video Games TV:

I can honestly recommend this title to anyone looking to just demolish cute things or build a level with your friends. Seriously go have fun with this title, I had hours of fun, and it’s replay value for an indie title is very high.

Indie Gamer Chick:

The ingenuity displayed in the puzzle designs surprised me more than once. The amount of variety on display here is truly stunning, and new ideas kept coming even towards the final boards. How often do you see that in a game, Indie or otherwise?

Two Fedoras/Armless Octopus:

Cute Things Dying Violently is on the whole, a good action puzzle game. It is polished in ways that many independent games (especially on the XBLIG channel) simply aren’t. The graphics and sound effects are good enough, and the music fits rather well. The mechanics are new and fun, and make the best of the controls required of them. If you don’t mind a challenge, Cute Things is a definite buy for the mindless creature puzzler genre fans.

IRB Gamer:

This may be the funnest game on Xbox Live’s Indie showcase. Every aspect of the game is amazing, from the ease of play, the difficulty at later levels, the humor, and even the price. Coming in at 80 MS Points ($1.00!), this deal is too good to pass up.

Indie Games Channel:

The challenge and likelihood of frustration is mitigated by Jordan’s witty writing. Tutorials are included in many of the levels, and they all contain cheeky one-liners and amusing fourth-wall-breaking gags. The critters are written as over-the-top adorable, which makes it that much funnier (or horrifying, depending on your perspective) when you accidentally send one to its doom. Players will also get a chuckle out of the Hate Bot, the game’s main antagonist, as it’ll occasionally mix up its “Destroy!” calls with a random out-of-context line.

The Indie Mine:

The overall package of Cute Things Dying Violently is fantastic. This is the addictive puzzle game people have been searching for since Angry Birds started getting old. You have a solid, addictive hook in the mechanics of the game with a layer of wit on top. I think this game is definitely worth picking up and it wouldn’t surprise me to see it eventually end up on other platforms.

I'll post more reviews as I get them!


Posted by Alex Jordan on

Cute Things Dying Violently is now available on Xbox Live Indie Games for 80msp/$1.00!

While I'm busy taking a victory lap, please peruse the Articles section if you need to refer to the game's Walkthrough or tutorials on how to use the Level Editor.

Cute Things Dying Violently Press Release

Posted by Alex Jordan on

Oh hi, I didn't see you there. I'm an Alex and I make game things:

ApathyWorks' Cute Things Dying Violently is coming to Xbox Live Indie Games (for 80msp) on August 24th as part of the Indie Games Summer Uprising! We're talking about a seminal moment here, up there with Grover Cleveland's inaugural address in terms of historical impact.

What is CTDV? Well, it's a game about Critters. And the Critters need your help! You flick them around each level to get them safely to the elevator. Between the Critters and their salvation lie puzzles and a ton of murderous objects such as spikes, buzzsaws, fire, and a homicidal, bucket-headed robot. It's up to you to save these Cute Things and prevent them from Dying Violently.

In addition to a singleplayer campaign of 60 mind-bending, reflex-testing levels, players can also earn certain Achieve Mints: sweet, leafy green awards that unlock up to 6 special challenge levels where you can hone your murderous abilities. Cute Things Dying Violently also features competitive local multiplayer, where two players face off to try and save their own Critters while simultaneously killing their opponents' with a variety of amusing powerups. Players can also try out the built-in Level Editor and use it to create and play their own (inferior) singleplayer and multiplayer levels.

If you are interested in getting a free download code to review and/or lambast CTDV, please email me or tweet at me (http://twitter.com/#!/AlejandroDaJ/) and I will provide you with a code on or after August 24th. (That's when Microsoft releases the limited codes, because they're stingy buggers.)



That's all for now! I hope to see you playing my game! I'd even settle for seeing my name on the subject line of a very nice Cease and Desist letter. See you August 24th!

-Alex "AlejandroDaJ" Jordan

Cute Things Dying Violently, Trailer #1

Posted by Alex Jordan on

Sorry for the dearth of updates, but I've been working my ass off trying to get the mysterious and volatile Cute Things Dying Violently done in time for an Xbox Live Indie Games promotion (more on that in a bit).

That said, a part of working my ass off involved making PR materials as opposed to just slaving over my codebase, so here's something I shat out that I'm actually quite taken with: the game's first trailer!

More updates soon once I have time to catch my breath.

Squishy Diary, Volume 7

Posted by Alex Jordan on

Merry belated Christmas, everyone! And Happy premature New Year! This time tomorrow, I'll be in Aruba with (most of) my family, as well as my better half. Needless to say, that's fucking awesome for me, and not so great for you. Sad, right? So sorry, here's a video to cheer you up:

'Cuz you know what Project Squish needed? Boss Battles! Absurd ones with bucket-headed, cardboard box torso robots! The initial robot design had a pair of soiled underpants stretched across the bottom of the bucket, but I deemed that a bit too much. It hid the robot's evil frown. Also? Kinda made the robot look like a terrorist.

Project Squish is - if I may! - shaping up to be a nice mix of solving physics puzzles (eww, not that again, right?) and timing and coordination tests. My fear all along is that this would turn into some obvious hybrid lovechild/ripoff of World of Goo meets Super Meat Boy meets Angry Birds. Fortunately, it seems like there's some method to the madness, and that I'm not a plagiarizing jackasshole.

That leads me to these boss battles, which offer very trivial puzzles (two of which I helpfully solve for you, the pathetic reader, in this very video) combined with mad amounts of precision. Like: don't let a bomb detonate on your Critter! Or, don't let your Critter get caught in a tremendous goddamn drill.

Important life lessons, all.

A caveat: you're witnessing major chunks of gameplay and art being created on the fly, which is kind of a no-no at this point in the game's design. Well, it would be a no-no if I was still wedded to my three month development timeline. But seeing as how September is back that way, and I happen to think boss battles are a lovely idea for Project Squish despite the threat of feature creep, but hey. My game or the highway. Or something like that.

Toodle pip!