Play Project Squish with a Mouse and Keyboard!

Posted by Alex Jordan on

So, hey. You're a fan of mine, or perhaps someone committed to seeing me fail and reveling in my misery. Either way, you'd like to try out one of my games (like Project Squish), but you don't have an Xbox 360. Or your Xbox 360 isn't connected to Xbox Live. Or you just can't be bothered.

In that case, you might like the idea of playing Project Squish on your computer.

SilverSprite is a little Silverlight concoction that packages an XNA game and all of its art and sound assets up all nice and pretty so that it can be played off of a mere webpage. Yes... I've been going on and on about Unity 3D's web player capabilities, and it seems like I can pull off some facsimile with XNA! Neato.

You can read about it here. Or, better yet, don't... just be on the lookout for an online demo of Project Squish sometime in the near future.

All you'll need is a web browser.