Prometheus Diary, Volume 1

Posted by Alex Jordan on

Le sigh. Around The World got failed in Peer Review again. It's my own fault, really... I should've caught the error that surfaced. Fortunately, I've learned the art of being patient over the past few weeks, and I relish my new week-long Time Out. It'll give me an opportunity to fix the bug that led to the Peer Review failure (which I should've discovered earlier), and it'll also allow me to track down an illusory game-crashing error that testers are having a hard time reproducing. So, good news.

Also, in the past few weeks, I've acquired ADHD. Since I can't leave well enough alone, I've started work on a new game engine that I call Prometheus. Check it out:

There's a lot going on here in this video:

The video shows off automatic multi-texturing, per-pixel multi-pass lighting, point lights, and self-shadowing. (The point lights are currently uni-directional spotlights, which is why the green and red light sources don't cast light behind themselves.) The multi-pass lighting is currently functional but is behaving incorrectly... the lighting passes are washing out the underlying brick textures on the 3D models instead of illuminating them. I know full well why that is and I already have at least two ideas on how to fix it.

After the success of colleagues' Xbox Live Indie Games like Breath of Death VII and Apple Jack, it sure seems like developers can make (a bit of) money on XBLIG if they actually give a damn and combine lots of content with lots of quality. Sure, it was those get-rich-quick, short-and-quirky games like I Made A Game With Zombies that grossed their developers six figures, but it'll be high quality games that increase the longevity of XBLIG and attract developers who are willing to make more potent games.

I hope Prometheus is a step in that direction.