Re: Marketing

Posted by Alex Jordan on

About a month ago, Danger Joe came out for the Playstation Network. It's gotten some pretty great reviews and has racked up 50,000 sales so far.

Apparently, very few publishers anticipated that kind of success, which is a bit of an understatement. The developers, Hello Games, recently gave a speech at the Develop 2010 conference that described publishers shying away from the game idea for all manner of dumbassed reasons, my personally favorite being, "We want games that are less about fun right now."

Ha ha, right?

The flip side to this is when developers spend very little time pondering the ramifications of what they're trying to market. For instance, I decided that my first Xbox Live Indie Game should be a geography quiz game. Granted, that was because it was a simple concept to learn the ropes on, but I was also quite smitten with the game itself, only to find that people tend to avoid educational games like the plague.

As a result, my next game will be called, "3D Boobs: A Musical." Well, not really, but you get the idea.