Snow No Mercy!

Posted by Alex Jordan on

Alright, well, it's started snowing here in DC. Forecasts are calling for about 36 hours of snowfall, with accumulation of 18 to 24 inches. For lots of the country, that's a dusting. In my native Rhode Island, it's a big deal. Here in DC? It's the end of all things.

I'm repatriating into DC for the weekend and staying at my girlfriend's place. She's got a big house with lots of cool people that's right off of Logan Circle, so I'll be very comfortable there. This is, ahem, in comparison to my tiny studio apartment. Also, the logistics are better: DC Metro will cut service on all outdoor tracks, which is the only way to cross the Potomac from Virginia and get out of my neighborhood. The Metro is all underground in the city, so the interior will have full service. I also don't have a shovel to dig out my car, but that probably won't matter: the roads will be impassible through Saturday, and even afterward, they'll probably be too hellish to contemplate navigating with 15 inch tires.

I'd like to live-something the blizzard, but how? Liveblog? Livetweet? Liveupdate my Picasa? All of the above? It's tempting, but then again, how many different ways do I have to say, "Yeah, it's still snowing"? Expect a few tweets/blog posts and many pictures on my Picasa channel that I'll duly link to.

Also: Dupont Circle Official Snowball Fight tomorrow!