Splinter Cell: Conviction

Posted by Alex Jordan on

Woohoo! After work today I'm driving north to visit my folks in Rhode Island and make my way to PAX East. It will be fun! Quite fun!

Before packing last night, I tried the Splinter Cell: Conviction demo.

Having loved the previous games in the series, I found myself pretty much despising this game within moments of starting it up. Analog movement is gone. Stealthily avoiding enemies is now gone too, in favor of unadulterated murder. And Sam Fisher has now become Jack Bauer, right down to the torture that miraculously gets all questions answered and the man-on-the-warpath growl.

I know Tom Clancy himself has almost nothing to do with the games that Ubisoft spits out, but there's a reason that Ubisoft wanted the "Tom Clancy" brand. The games with his name on it used to imply sophisticated techno-thriller plots and above-average writing. The original Splinter Cell and its sequel involved cyberterrorism, for instance. Somewhere along the line, we wound up with Conviction, a weird miasma of Grit(tm), stubble, four-letter words, and ruthless killing as an end, not a means.

No thanks. Uninstalled.