Squishy Diary, Volume 4

Posted by Alex Jordan on

It's been nearly a month, so here's another Project Squish development video:

This video shows off my little critters being animated in-game as well as some new level features, such as working buttons, toggleable blocks color-coordinated to respond to colored buttons, and the elevator. Implementing the elevator involved a little sturm und drang, as I was trying not to rip off World of Goo. However, the process of getting the first critter to the elevator and then choosing thereafter when to end the level allows for a lot of flexibility, including the possible usage of surplus critters saved to unlock game features or something. I haven't decided yet.

I recently concluded Month 2 of development, and things are moving swimmingly. I'd initially planned on a 3 month development cycle, as I was working strictly with 2D and with XNA programming principles that I'd long since learned while working on Around The World. However, I find myself repeatedly adding new and unplanned features for in-game play, which is dragging out the process. I'm always wary of "feature creep" - when a developer keeps adding unplanned features and pushing back their development timeline - but I also want Project Squish to be content rich and have a wide variety of possible puzzles and level interactions. I don't think it would be remiss to add another month to the development schedule to make a (hopefully) good game even better.