Squishy Diary, Volume 7

Posted by Alex Jordan on

Merry belated Christmas, everyone! And Happy premature New Year! This time tomorrow, I'll be in Aruba with (most of) my family, as well as my better half. Needless to say, that's fucking awesome for me, and not so great for you. Sad, right? So sorry, here's a video to cheer you up:

'Cuz you know what Project Squish needed? Boss Battles! Absurd ones with bucket-headed, cardboard box torso robots! The initial robot design had a pair of soiled underpants stretched across the bottom of the bucket, but I deemed that a bit too much. It hid the robot's evil frown. Also? Kinda made the robot look like a terrorist.

Project Squish is - if I may! - shaping up to be a nice mix of solving physics puzzles (eww, not that again, right?) and timing and coordination tests. My fear all along is that this would turn into some obvious hybrid lovechild/ripoff of World of Goo meets Super Meat Boy meets Angry Birds. Fortunately, it seems like there's some method to the madness, and that I'm not a plagiarizing jackasshole.

That leads me to these boss battles, which offer very trivial puzzles (two of which I helpfully solve for you, the pathetic reader, in this very video) combined with mad amounts of precision. Like: don't let a bomb detonate on your Critter! Or, don't let your Critter get caught in a tremendous goddamn drill.

Important life lessons, all.

A caveat: you're witnessing major chunks of gameplay and art being created on the fly, which is kind of a no-no at this point in the game's design. Well, it would be a no-no if I was still wedded to my three month development timeline. But seeing as how September is back that way, and I happen to think boss battles are a lovely idea for Project Squish despite the threat of feature creep, but hey. My game or the highway. Or something like that.

Toodle pip!