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What I'm Playing, August 2010

Posted by Alex Jordan on

I actually bought an Xbox 360 because I wished to get out of the computer arms race. Upgrading computers is no problem for me - I worked for several years at a computer repair shop, and I relish the act of messing around inside a case - but I found the necessary pace of upgrades to be fairly galling, especially considering the cost.

I resisted upgrading my four year old desktop until now for this reason. But then, Firearms: Source got released and my computer couldn't run it. So, Newegg got a rush order from me. Now, I'm playing all sorts of pretty games on my new rig:

And yes, even with the wondrous delights of a new computer, Project Squish is still moving forward.

Firearms: Source Released!

Posted by Alex Jordan on

Five years in the making, Firearms: Source has been released!

If you have Steam and some version of Half-Life 2, you definitely need to check it out. Click the above pic, and support your local modders!

Decadence Mod Post-Mortem

Posted by Alex Jordan on

Decadence Mod

I'm always a sucker for the theory and execution of game design, so of course I took notice when my buddies over at Firearms: Source clued me into a post-mortem of the Half-Life 2 mod Decadence.

It's a really comprehensive write-up that covers every single aspect of mod and game design, offering plenty of insight and a good glimpse of what it takes to put together a successful development team. Read it here.

From the Firearms Crew

Posted by Alex Jordan on

My buddies over at Firearms: Source have clued me into some downright fantastic art design done by several groups, including Dear Esther and Lost Hope.

There's also the Raindrop Mod. Observe:

I consider myself a decent mapper, with a portfolio demonstrating that I have some good ideas but need to commit a lot more time (that most elusive commodity) to proper environment detailing.

But these guys? These guys inhabit a rareified atmosphere. They are fantastic artists, and gamers should appreciate a stroll through their creations.

Firearms: Source

Posted by Alex Jordan on

My friends over at Firearms: Source have been mightily busy since I wrote this article, but it's still worth a read.