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I had a post up which just went and disappeared. Gonna leave this here, see if this one disappears too. Bear with me.


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I'm back! From New York City! Website got a facelift! Thank my brother! Bought Bad Company 2! Loving it! Also downloaded the Just Cause 2 demo! Haven't gotten to it yet!

Exhausted reserve supplies of exclamation points. Back to business.

Brief update(s)

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I've been up to quite a lot these past few days.

RSS Feed!

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Thanks to some speedy work by my brother, ApathyWorks now has an RSS feed! You can access it by clicking the handy-dandy orange icon next to the Links button. You see? This one right here?

RSS Feed

Yes, this one. Click it, let it nourish you.

Made lots of progress last night on combining my artwork for Around The World with the shader I created over the course of the Development Diaries. More in a bit.

Game Portfolio Update

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I updated the all-encompassing Games entry for Firearms, Firearms: Source, and World at War. The descriptions are brief, accurate conveyences of how each game played and what the designs behind them were like.

The entry is still short on images (I don't have access to my portfolio at the moment), and something should probably be done about the listed entries in the Games menu to make them a little more attractive to the eye.

Um, hey

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Whoo, I'm back from here. And here. After some good fun was had here and here. And a wedding here. I got just a brief taste of the O.C. before I had to return to Washington, but I can't wait to go back.

That said, I've now run out of excuses for not posting. So, back to the posts! Dammit.


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My brother added some website stats for me to keep an eye on as I keep adding content and build towards the day when this website can go properly live. Very, very fun to look at. So, for everyone out there reading this who doesn't share my last name: thank you for your patience!

Speaking of content, the engine I'm building for The Newton Gun is relatively far along and methinks I should upload a YouTube video or two to show off just what the hell I've been working on. Aside from that, there's no reason why I can't build a content base for this website gleaned from the art I've done on previous projects such as Firearms and World at War, defunct though those projects may be. (Firearms: Source, on the other hand, is nowhere near defunct, but I haven't submitted any content for use in their first Release Candidate.)

So please keep an eye on the Blog page. When content starts to go live in the Games section, and as I track down and upload previously written articles for the, um, Articles section, I'll be sure to let main page viewers know. Huzzah!


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Still ironing out the kinks in the blog. Any use of the tag cloud seems to 404 at the moment, and uploading Articles directly from Word seems to result in some formatting... irregularities. Stay tuned!

Soft open of ApathyWorks/The Alejandro Blog

Posted by Alex Jordan on

Hey folks, doing a soft open here before I start blogging, posting articles and news, and uploading my game design portfolio.

Aside from the minimalistic graphics, which I may or may not hold onto for the time-being, does the formatting work for you? Any misplaced buttons or whatnots? Does Commenting work? Any SQL errors?