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Prometheus Diary, Volume 3

Posted by Alex Jordan on

Not only is Around The World back up for Peer Review, but it seems to be coasting on its way to release! (Knock on wood. Do it.)

In the meanwhile, here's another video of the Prometheus Engine:

The biggest thing in this video is support for animated models, also called "skinned" models for a reason that I don't truly understand. Sure, I've been animating things in XNA for awhile now... Around The World had animated lighting, a moving Selector, the selection animations, the whole works.

But that was manual animation, having my game tell the model exactly how to move. With skinned animations, I attach a digital skeleton to my models and set up specific animations in the 3D modeling program of my choice before importing the model into my XNA project. That allows for much more complicated animations, such as a player character being able to walk and jump.

I'm excited! Are you excited? I'm excited.

Prometheus Diary, Volume 2

Posted by Alex Jordan on

My girlfriend is out of town for a week, so when I'm not busy staring at the wall or imagining that my cell phone is vibrating, I've decided to spend more time shoring up Prometheus:

New and improved from the last video is, um, me knowing what the hell I'm doing for a change. The multi-pass lighting is now up and running, and I've even thrown in a first-person camera control system, a flashlight effect that follows the camera as if the player were pointing a flashlight at things, and even some normal mapping for gits and shiggles. Details on the multi-pass lighting below the fold:

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Prometheus Diary, Volume 1

Posted by Alex Jordan on

Le sigh. Around The World got failed in Peer Review again. It's my own fault, really... I should've caught the error that surfaced. Fortunately, I've learned the art of being patient over the past few weeks, and I relish my new week-long Time Out. It'll give me an opportunity to fix the bug that led to the Peer Review failure (which I should've discovered earlier), and it'll also allow me to track down an illusory game-crashing error that testers are having a hard time reproducing. So, good news.

Also, in the past few weeks, I've acquired ADHD. Since I can't leave well enough alone, I've started work on a new game engine that I call Prometheus. Check it out:

There's a lot going on here in this video:

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