Talking Project Squish with Vintage Video Games TV

Posted by Alex Jordan on

I am not a creative prodigy. I don't automatically create pure gold when I sit down in front of a computer or open up Photoshop, so I try to make up for that with careful planning and intellectual rigor. And not just my own! I recently borrowed those traits from Ryan at Vintage Video Games TV so that I could get some useful feedback on how Project Squish was shaping up.

Ryan spent a couple of days with a pre-alpha build that I gave him and then called me on Skype to discuss it. That required me actually downloading and installing Skype, something which I'd managed to avoid doing lo these many years. Partying like it was 2006, I got Skype up and running and had a nice chat with Ryan over the course of an hour. Here's what we discussed:

The conversation ended thereabouts, as Ryan had to go and make himself pretty for a date with what I hope was a passably-attractive human female, or at least a classy, upscale tranny. However, we covered a lot of ground in an hour, and I was greatful for the advice he gave. I really hope that Project Squish is a hit with the community, and I appreciated all of the insight he gave into how that could be possible.

Thanks, Ryan!