The Indie Games Summer Uprising

Posted by Alex Jordan on

I am working my ass off. Guess why?

That's why. Check it out.

As I've said before, the prevailing opinion of my chosen market - Xbox Live Indie Games - is that it isn't that great. Sure, you're given access to an honest-to-God video game console to develop your games, but XBLIG (a) doesn't have much market penetration, (b) is limited to fairly gimped versions of games without Achievements and Leaderboards, and (c) is still suffering from its initial impression as a dumping ground of shovelware.

To rectify this, a bunch of proven, quality-driven developers banded together last December to release their excellent games under the moniker of the Indie Games Winter Uprising. And with a new season comes a new Uprising. But instead of the titles being self-appointed by the developers, like during the Winter Uprising, this Uprising will involve community voting.

The first round of voting is going on now: the four gents running the Uprising are taking stock of all 75 contestants and will narrow that number down to 25 finalists. Starting on Monday, July 11, the voting will be opened to fellow XBLIG developers and Uprising participants, to narrow down the 25 finalists into 8 lucky duckies that will be part of the Uprising. Following that, the entire public will have an opportunity to vote on an additional 2 "fan favorite" games to be part of the Uprising, putting things at a nice round 10 titles on display.

Cute Things Dying Violently is by no means a shoe-in to be selected for the 25 finalists, let alone one of the 8 or 10 games that will get to participate in the Uprising. That said, I think I've made a unique, polished game with plenty of style and humor to spare. I'm optimistic that I'll make it in, and really look forward to hearing back.

Oh, by the by, click the image below to see the CTDV page and all my new media on the Uprising website!