The Secret of Monkey Island

Posted by Alex Jordan on

Currently, slowly making my way through LucasArts' high-def re-release of The Secret of Monkey Island.

Although I have a tendency to chide Nintendo for trotting out its mascots over and over and over again until you think you're witnessing Mario & co. appearing in something akin to terrorist hostage videos, nostalgia is a powerful, powerful force. Everyone is nostalgic for different things.

Me? SOMI was one of the first games I ever played, in its 16-color 3.5" disk variation way back in 1990. Long before I could take advantage of the intertubes or, y'know, a slightly more developed brain, I would huddle in front of the ole Windows 3.1 Packard Bell and try to figure out Ron Gilbert's clever puzzles and laugh at the absurd dialogue. I think I was held up in Part One for roughly three or four months until a friend realized how to solve the Fettucini Brothers puzzle.

Seeing and reliving all this with flashy new graphics, voice acting from the superb Curse of Monkey Island cast, and fully orchestrated music is like seeing an old friend after many years of separation. Or rather, rereading a treasured book, as I'm basically solving all the puzzles from memory at this point.

I'm hoping this will prove a cash cow for LucasArts and a return to their '90s roots, so bring on the rest of the Monkey Island series! Except for Escape. Man, fuck Escape.